Quick Heal Antivirus Pro – 1 User/Year



  • It has complete Firewall features
  • It protects your PC against Ransomeware attack
  • It ensures Safe Banking and other online shopping
  • It helps protect your email from potential hackers
  • It has parental control features


  • Quick Heal Antivirus Pro (Computer Software)
  • Product CD/DVD, User Guide, Product Key


This is a very unique product. It consists of both Antivirus and Internet Security features specially designed to meet your Personal Computer’s (PC) Needs.
On activation of this products, you are eligible for all benefits offered by this product which includes:

  • Malware Protection – It blocks Virus, Trojans & other malicious programs from infecting your PC.
  • Cloud Protection – Cloud-based intelligence to protect your PC from emerging threats
  • Advanced DNAScan – Protects your PC against new & unknown malware
  • Safe Banking – Ensures secure online banking and shopping experience
  • Phishing Protection – Blocks fraudulent website which steals your identity
  • Browsing Protection – Blocks unsafe websites from infecting your PC
  • Vulnerability Scan – Detects known security loopholes and recommends solutions
  • Email Protection – Protects your PC from Spam and infected email attachments
  • Anti Keylogger – Prevents data-stealing malware called keyloggers from recording & stealing your personal data, during online banking, and shopping

This product needs registration after installation. You will receive constant support through email and telephone, updates until the license is valid and recommendation to be activated within 18 months.
Minimum System Requirements

  • For Windows 10/8.1 8/7, RAM 1GB for 32-bit & 2GB for 64-bit, 1GHz Processor.
  • For Windows Vista, RAM 1GB, 1GHz Processor.
  • For Windows XP SP 2, RAM 512MB, 300MHz Processor

Please note: This product cannot be installed on Server OS.
Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 1.8GB free hard disk space, internet access for updates/upgrades


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