Microsoft Excel


Course Description

This training provides all the tools necessary to create and use basic spreadsheets. Participants will receive an overview of the interface and learn the various methods for entering and editing data. Additionally, participants will learn the various ways to write simple formulas.


Participants must have little knowledge of computer operation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine spreadsheet concepts and explore the Microsoft Office Excel environment
  • Create, open and view a workbook.
  • Save and print workbooks.
  • Enter and edit data.
  • Modify a worksheet and workbook.
  • Work with cell references.
  • Learn to use functions and formulas.
  • Create and edit charts and graphics.
  • Filter and sort table data.
  • Work with pivot tables and charts.
  • Import and export data.

Training Days:Saturdays u0026amp; Sundays

Please note: You can request for a training at your convenient days and time

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